#1 Edition Melbalina the Turtle
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Melbalina the Turtle is our first Diving For A Cause story. It relects the adventures of Melbalina the Turtle, her friend George, Sammy the Sailfish and Marvin the Marlin. Beautiful underwater photos captured by well known videographer, Terry Maas, illustrate the fun-filled adventures of Melbalina and her friends! 28 pages of story fun, activity pages, drawing and writing! Fun for every child!

Diving For A Cause story books is a new concept for DFAC that we created to share with all the children in the various communities we serve on our travels.The story book reflects our experiences in the ocean, as spearfishermen and videographers, and the beauty we observe on each single dive we take. 

The first pilot story book was a huge success. The young children read and asked many questions about our wonderful ocean experiences. Subsequent versions will include our travels with DFAC over the last 6 years, and printed in English and in Spanish. 

A gift saying, “thank-you” for sharing their home, culture and generosity with the DFAC team. 

Please specify when you order if you would like it printed in English or in Spanish.


#1 Edition Melbalina the Turtle

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