A Donation Backpacks of books and soccer ball for the children
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These Donation backpacks are filled with bilingual books, coloring books, markers, pens, pencils, carrying case, and a size 5 soccer ball ready to be inflated and played with, all to promote reading, writing, and fitness.

The write on and write off bilingual practice tablets helps children learn the fundamentals of printing upper and lower case letters. It comes with its own set of dry erase markers and eraser for continued practice to build confidence in the young child.

The coloring books are 18 pages each filled with underwater pictures that reflect our travels, donations and gifts we have shared with the communities over the years.

Melbalina the Turtle and her adventures with Diving for A Cause is new in the backpacks.We will give this new book to the children in all the destinations that we travel too with DFAC. It will be in their donated backpacks along with coloring books, markers, pens and pencils in a special pencil carrying case.The children are so curious about the wonderful underwater experiences that we have when we are diving. They all have many questions about how we spearfish and the fish that we harvest to share with them. 

The book Melbalina the Turtle is more than just a 28 page story, it includes activity pages, coloring and writing pages as well. We will continue to develop more stories reflective of all the underwater experiences we have and create more storybooks in the future for our DFAC children. The stunning underwater photography is courtesy of Terry Maas and Joe Tobin.

The beauty is that we can translate the stories into the language respectful of the country, so not just in English, but in Spanish, and many other languages as well.

Thank you for your donation for the Backpack, a wonderful gift to give a child. A 501 C3 receipt for your donation will be sent to the address you provide and the backpack will be tagged with your name as a gift to the children!

Colleen Gallagher

Diving For A Cause.Org


A Donation Backpacks of books and soccer ball for the children

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