A New Edition of Dive In Magazine Issue 004, Free shipping.
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Here is our 4th edition of Dive In magazine for you to enjoy and share. Dive In was created as a “thank you” to you, the participants, whose tireless commitment and involvement has made DFAC a reality.

In the previous 3 editions of the magazines, I distributed 300 of them to participants, friends and observers of DFAC for free. A Spanish version was also created from our 3rd edition and both English and Spanish versions were distributed digitally and in print version for free. I enjoy sharing the stories and photos with everyone. I am so proud of all the participants involved in our “giving-back” program, as we reach 8-10 communities internationally every year.

The word is out, DFAC is coming, and more items end up on the wish list at each of the communities we serve. That is why we come, to give back with gifts of goodwill—selectively harvested fish for those less fortunate and filling empty freezers, school supplies put directly in the hands of eager young children and sports equipment to promote health and fitness, especially in many remote schools and communities.

I am not very proficient at fundraising and putting out a hand to ask for help, but, the magazine Dive In is a beautiful product and we are retailing it at $25, which covers it printing, packaging, mailing and allows a small $5 per magazine to help towards the items we deliver to the families and children we serve all year.

Please enjoy the magazine Dive In,

With my deepest appreciation for your kind support,


Colleen Gallagher

Founder and President of Diving For A Cause

A New Edition of Dive In Magazine Issue 004, Free shipping.

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