Freedivers Recovery Vest (FRV)
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$1500 per vest
Oceanic Safety Systems LLC was formed for the sole purpose of developing and producing a vest to be worn by freedivers (breath-hold divers.) It is designed to bring the diver to the surface if he stays longer than his trigger time, or dives deeper than his trigger depth. The Freedivers Recovery Vest ( FRV) brings the diver to the surface briskly and positions him in a head-up position, ideal for rescue breathing and resuscitation.

Diving For A Cause has always supported the FRV and OSS is donating $100 to DFAC for each vest purchased from their store.
To purchase the FRV, email Colleen at DFAC:
Dr Terry Maas of OSS will contact you to complete the transaction and to confirm your charitable donation to DFAC.

Freedivers Recovery Vest (FRV)

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