Melbalina the Turtle in California with Diving For A Cause

This is our third children’s storybook for our young Diving For A Cause readers. Melbalina the Turtle was the first of a series of fun activity magazines for children. It reflects the adventures of Melbalina the Turtle, her best friend George and all the ocean friends they meet along the way. Beautiful underwater photos captured by well-known videographer, Terry Maas, illustrate the fun-filled adventures of Melbalina and her friends. Pages of story fun, activity sections, drawing, and writing! Fun for every child! Follow the adventures of Melbalina and George, two sweet little sea turtles as they tag along Diving For A Cause participants traveling the globe, "giving-back" to communities in need. It is an excellent opportunity to learn a little about sea turtle conservation and the beauty of our ocean through the eyes of a young turtle, Melbalina!

 I hope you enjoy and share the story of Melbalina the Turtle as she explores the kelp forest, meeting new friends like Mindy the seal, and Patsy the sheepshead. It is 36 pages of delightful storytelling.

The proceeds from each sale help us to purchase more children's storybooks to donate on every DFAC journey.

Thank you,

Colleen Gallagher

Diving For A Cause

Melbalina the Turtle in California with Diving For A Cause

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